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How does it work?

RunnerSquare offers through its app Live Race Tracking to all participants.

Anyone can follow your race in Real Time. There is no need to to wear additional wearables or chips, only your mobile.

No need to wait until you pass check points to know where you are in the race.

Simply and free to use:

  1. Sign Up in RunnerSquare through the form you will find in this page. At the time of registering, select the race you are attending and your bid number.
  2. Install RunnerSquare app (it’s free) available at Google Play or Apple Store, and login to it.
  3. The race day, take your mobile with you. Open RunnerSquare app and press Start when race starts. Keep your mobile with you during the race. Battery should last minimum 5 hours if the battery was fully charged at the time of starting the race.
  4. During the race you can keep your mobile device in your running backpack or mobile running holder. If the app voice disturbs you when using RunnerSquare app, you can turn off the voice pressing audio button from the app.
  5. During the race, using RunnerSquare app, anyone will be able to track you in real time through this website:
  6. During the race, in case you stop for more than 3 minutes, we suggest to press Pause button on the app. Some mobile devices disconnect GPS signal if they detect there is no movement during short period of time to preserve battery consumption. Press Continue button when continuing your race.

Are you already RunnerSquare member?

If you are already a RunnerSquare member and you want to activate a new Race Real Time tracking, there is no need to Sign Up again. Just Login and go to side menu bar and select Race Live Track.

Once there, select your next race and insert you new bid number.